bed&breakfast villa rosa Padova

Villa Rosa is a strategical location

A 3-minute walk from Prato della Valle, St. Anthony’s Basilica and the Botanical Garden. The tram stops are 200 m from the house and, in 6 tram stops you can get to the Scrovegni Chapel. The Palazzo della Ragione, Caffé Pedrocchi and the UNESCO landmarks are within easy reach on foot.

Private car parking available

We are in a not restricted traffic area and you can book our private parking for your bike or car. Villa Rosa is the ideal place for discovering the city on foot.

We are a few steps from the most famous monuments:

Prato Della Valle

Prato della valle

3-minute walk

Orto Botanico

Botanical Garden

4-minute walk

Cappella degli Scrovegni

The Scrovegni Chapel

6 fermate di tram 

Padua, the city of the 3 “without”

Un santo senza nome, un prato senza erba e un caffè senza porte
A popular and local saying references a saint so famous, that he doesn’t need a name (Sant’ Antonio), a café (Caffé Pedrocchi) that once never closed and a lawn (Prato della Valle) without greenery. Are you curious? Go and find out yourself.

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